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Quality Jeans Crafted with Care,
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Expert OEM Jeans factory to assist your Jeans brand in starting, growing, and leaping at a low cost.

abcjeans factory
cost-effective since 2007

About Us

ABCjeans is a Jeans factory in China with a vast amount of experience.

We have a professional team with extensive industry experience in areas such as raw material selection, design, and manufacturing process attention to detail, and timely understanding of industry trends.

Our engineers have over 15 years of experience in the denim industry and have a solid reputation both at home and abroad.

Specialists In Fashion Jeans production

China Jeans Factory Service

ABCjeans is a company that believes in hard work, integrity, and quality. We are not only a factory that makes jeans, but we are also a community of people who share the same passion for making the best jeans in the world.

We provide various of Jeans OEM and the Denim workwear OEM service for all kinds of businesses.

OEM Jeans Garments

We offer a variety of denim styles, fits, washes, and finishes, including relaxed and slim-fit jeans. 15 years of experience in OEM jeans in China, we can meet your various needs.

Denim Workwear OEM

Denim garment is a popular choice for workwear. We provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for companies who are looking to create their own unique denim workwear.

We Work With Global jeans merchant

Denim Garments Solutions

As a Jeans Factory in China, ABCjeans work with over 200 artisans in rural China to revive traditional techniques and produce high-quality, ethically produced jeans.

A wide variety of the most popular and fashionable denim styles as well as durable workwear we have ever produced。

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styles of women jeans

Women Jeans

We provide women`s jeans manufacturing with all kinds of styles and size.

Whether the skinnies, bootcut jeans, or trendy flares, we can provide pairs that cover all bases and offer the right amount of comfy stretch.

styles of mens jeans

Men`s Jeans

For a jeans factory, the design and production of men’s jeans will be a little easier.

Usually, men’s jeans are simple in style and can be freely matched with other clothing; the fabric is heavier, less stretchy, and contains more cotton.

styles of children jeans

Children Jeans

Children’s jeans require consideration of various factors for a jeans manufacturer.

The fabrics should be soft with high cotton, good stretch, and resistance to wear and tear. And the non-toxic fabric is particularly important.

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our clients

Around the World

400,000 pcs of Jeans garments exported each year to all over the world.

What people say

Our Clients Reviews

I’m very lucky to work with ABCjeans company. Though every time my order is small, I can get very patient and detailed responses from them.
Terry N Gervais
Business owner
As a result of working with ABCjeans, my private label jeans have increased their share of the local market to 30%. Thank you very much for your support, and I hope to expand in the future!
abcjeans client
Jonas K Grubb
Brand Owner
Working with us

Get in Touch

Are you looking for a suitable China Jeans Factory? Just send us your requests and we will get back to you soon!

We offers a wide variety of jeans styles, ranging from classic, straightleg jeans to stretch and skinny jeans.

We also provide customizations for our jeans, allowing for personalized colors, sizes, and designs to meet customers unique needs.

We specialize in exporting bulk orders of custom OEM jeans to South and Central America each year, providing competitive prices and services to wholesalers and retailers in the region.

Of course, Customers are warmly welcomed wherever they are.

Most of the female jeans in South and Central America are available in sizes ranging from XS to XL.

 And for male sizes ranging from 28 to 38. 

In addition, we offer customized sizes for specific needs.

This is difficult to express in a word. It depends on the quantity and complexity of the order.

Usually, a normal OEM order takes around 3–5 weeks.

Yes, there is MOQ request for the orders of all factories.

But we have a small MOQ for OEM orders at 60DZ/item.

The cost of the order changes as the price of raw materials changes.

Usually, we will provide the most reasonable price and the best service for our customers.

We have a dedicated quality inspector and process in place to ensure the product`s quality.

Yes, we provide free samples before the bulk orders. And the samples are made according to your requests.

Mostly, we offer the best price. 

However, for large orders, we will recalculate the cost to give customers the greatest support.

You can Get in Touch with us to discuss the orders, we will guide you step by step.

Right away, we accept T/T only.